Smart Mobility

Driven by technology

The Strategic Area Smart Mobility recognizes that being mobile is a biological urge of humans and is prerequisite for a sound economy and society. However, our mobility is currently enabled by a system that is not sustainable due to accidents, pollution, congestion and the inefficient use of public space. The digitalization of vehicles and mobility and transport services leads  to an increased need for research in a traditional strong competence area of Eindhoven University of Technology. We believe that TU/e can significantly contribute to speed up the transition towards a sustainable mobility system.

We want to maintain the pleasure and prosperity mobility has brought us. We can resolve the negative aspects using intelligence and technology.

Carlo van de Weijer, director Strategic Area Smart Mobility

Brainpower to the rescue

Mobility is a basic human need. It is a prerequisite for a healthy economy and sustainable society. However, our current mobility system is far from sustainable. In fact, pollution, noise, congestion, inefficient use of public space and high accidents rates are drastically impacting on the economy and our well-being.

At TU/e we believe that a future of fully sustainable mobility is possible and within reach. In fact, our students and over 200 researchers who conduct research on mobility related issues, are committed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable mobile future.

Meet our team

Driverless race car

Student team University Racing Eindhoven managed to build the first driverless race car of the Benelux!

The car must be able to recognize cones entirely independently, so that it can steer itself without any need of human assistance. Watch the first footage of their achievement.

Facts and figures Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility at TU/e focuses on technological solutions to societal problems like emissions, traffic jams and accidents by preventing unnecessary transport and making the necessary mobility more sustainable.

Meet our partners

Dinalog Campus in Breda, Automotive Campus Helmond, AutmotiveNL, Connekt-ITS Nederland, Dutch Integrated Testsite for Cooperative Mobility (DITCM), European Sypply Chain Forum en Green Car Initiative 

Smart Mobility projects

TU/e develops technologies in vehicles to improve safety, traffic flow and ease of use. TU/e studies driver assistance systems, vehicle dynamics and human-technology interaction. Within our Smart Mobility strategic area we have made significant progress.


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