FAQ External customers

1. Can an external customer visit the physical TU/e university library?

Yes, the TU/e library in MetaForum is accessible to external visitors. The visitor’s address is Groene Loper 5, MetaForum Building, 5612 AE Eindhoven. 
For more information and opening hours please visit our website.

2. What are the library's opening hours for external customers? 

The opening hours for external customers can be found on our website.

3. Can an external customer get access to the digital TU/e collection?

Yes, members with a valid library card that have paid the annual membership fee may use one of the 2 workstations in the Library. They are to sign a written agreement and show their ID at the service desk of the Library. This grants temporary access for the duration of their visit, up to a limit of 3 hours. The use of the workstations is limited to searching and reading, so printing or downloading is not allowed. For more information please visit our website

4. Can an external customer borrow printed books and/or journals out of the TU/e collection?

Yes, an external customer can borrow printed books from the TU/e collection when in possession of a valid library card. Printed journals are not available for borrowing, but can be consulted at the Library. For more information about costs and rules of loan please visit our website