1. I can’t get access to the full text of an article or e-book. How can I solve the problem? 

If you are outside the TU/e campus, use the proxy server, see this page or use a VPN connection (option 1 “tunnel all traffic”). 

2. Why is access to an e-book/article/magazine not working?

Follow steps listed below to find out what the problem may be and how to solve it: 

  • Start search in Library Search for the ebook/article/journal to see if it is held by Eindhoven University of Technology. 
  • If no. See the possibilities to order elsewhere via ILL 
  • If Yes but no access. Please check your connection: 
    - Is your IP address recognized as belonging to TU/e network? 
    - You are using a VPN connection, but with the wrong settings, see VPN settings. (Alternative: Shut down VPN and log into Proxy Server) 
  • Connection is correct and still no access. Please report a broken link via this form.