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Center for Care & Cure Technology Eindhoven

The purpose of C3Te is to expand synergistic partnerships between the departments of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, medical centers and industry that are crucial to create novel healthcare technologies, and thereby reduce costs while improving quality of care.

C3Te focuses on multi-disciplinary research in the care and cure domain

The Center for Care & Cure Technology Eindhoven (C3Te) focuses on multi-disciplinary research in the care and cure domain. By connecting the technological strengths of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics with clinical partners and industry, collective knowledge is expanded leading to sustainable improvement of healthcare. In the last years, C3Te has established a strategic network, in which collaborative innovations for health care in the areas of multimodal sensing, advanced imaging, ICT embedded systems and ubiquitous computing played a crucial role for improving diagnosis and treatment of patients. Additionally, the development of ambulant and unobtrusive monitoring systems contributed to adapting treatment approaches for enhancing patient well-being.  

Brainpower in comic book form

What's not to like, an inspiring lecture given by an enthusiastic professor. An upbeat message and decades of research distilled into a single slide. But PhD candidate Elles Raaijmakers is keen to show the other side of the story: failed experiments, countless setbacks and years of hard work. While working as a member of the Education Team, she carried out doctoral research on the influence of electrical fields on brain cells. Instead of handing out a hefty thesis – although she has written one – she drew an accessible guide to her research experiences in the form of a comic book. On Thursday, June 8, she defended her research at the Department of Electrical Engineering. Read more


"Draadloos het hoofd in om een implantaat op te laden"

On the 23rd of May, Huib Visser and Tom van Nunen appeared in NRC with an article on wireless charging of brain implants. Please note that this article is only in Dutch.

Research programs

C3Te aims to create synergistic partnerships between academia, medical centers and industry to strengthen knowledge that is crucial to create novel healthcare technologies to transform the future of healthcare. This 'golden triangle' will ensure connections between engineering research advances and the need for care from the society. Therefore, the focus of the research program is mainly structured around Technology Solutions and Application Areas. 

Science Cafés and Symposia

We are pleased to announce that Center for Care & Cure Technology Eindhoven (C3Te) is organizing bimonthly Science Cafés on the first Friday of the odd months. Under normal circumstances these Science Cafés are organized from 14.30u-16.00u in Walhalla (Flux 6.154), followed by drinks to meet the speakers and interact with other members of the audience. C3Te Science Cafés are announced in the TU/e Electrical Engineering Newsletter and for more information and registration to join a Science Café you can always contact

Session Neurology – Cooperation? A no-brainer!

Session Cardiovascular Medicine (eMTIC) – In a Heart Beat

Session Oncology – Sense and Vision



Research Projects

The Center for Care & Cure Technology Eindhoven (C3Te) drives technology development in healthcare by creating synergy between academic, industrial and clinical partners. The close collaboration creates  fertile soil for research projects. Here C3Te displays some success stories.

Related Lab Facilities

Meet some of our Researchers

Related Research Groups

C3Te stimulates collaborations of research groups working on care & cure technology within the Departments of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Applied Physics of the TU/e.

Biomedical Diagnostics Lab

Clinical relevance is our commitment, achieved through close collaboration with selected clinical/industrial partners and advisors.

Maarten Paulides


The Research Laboratory on Electromagnetics for Care & Cure (EM4C&C) is an important and fast growing topic within the Electromagnetics…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Video Coding & Architectures

Paul Van den Hof

Dynamic Networks: Data-Driven Modeling and Control

We develop methods and tools for the modeling of dynamic networks on the basis of operational data, to be used as a basis for model-based…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electronic Systems

Our goal is to create constructive design trajectories for electronic systems that lead to high-quality, cost-effective systems with…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Integrated Circuits

The research area of the group is advanced purely-analog and mixed-signal IC design (RF/IF/LF), applied to frontends, especially for…

Mircea Lazar

Constrained Control of Complex Systems

The C3S Lab focuses on stability and control of complex dynamical systems subject to constraints. Complex dynamical systems typically…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electromechanics and Power Electronics

We carry out fundamental research on the energy conversion theory, methods, and systems, that serve as enabling technologies for future…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Energy Systems

Welcome to our group focusing on the future of energy systems, where sustainability and energy intertwine to shape a better world. Our…

Departments of Applied Physics / Biomedical Engineering

Molecular Biosensing

The MBx group develops technologies based on micro- and nanoparticles for monitoring patients and for treating diseases. Towards this goal,…

Department of Applied Physics

Physics of Nanostructures

We explore novel ways of controlling the electron spin and magnetic textures at the nanoscale for a wide range of applications.


School of Medical Physics and Engineering Eindhoven (SMPE/e)

The main section about SMPE/e is only available in Dutch, since the focus is on Dutch Healthcare.

Department of Applied Physics

Soft Matter and Biological Physics

Enabling a sustainable, functional and resource-efficient next generation of materials by uncovering the physical mechanisms underlying the…

Department of Applied Physics

Elementary Processes in Gas Discharges

We study the elementary processes in gas discharges through a mix of theory, modeling and the development of diagnostics.

Department of Applied Physics

Fluids and Flows

The Fluids and Flows (F&F) group addresses fundamental questions in fluid dynamics in an integrated approach. 


The synergy of technology and biomedical sciences could generate substantial gains for partners collaborating within the field of care & cure. In general, through tight collaborative approaches ensure that technology development keeps a focus on the various technological, economic and value-based care demand that influence the application in the healthcare area. An important strategic partner is the Eindhoven MedTech Center (e/MITC) with its large-scale research collaboration between the Catharina Hospital, the Maxima Medical Center, Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy and Sleep Center, Royal Philips Eindhoven and the Eindhoven University of Technology.


C3Te supports a special master program Care and Cure.

The healthcare market is an increasingly important consumer of technological and, especially, electrical engineering applications. These range from the complex and specialist equipment in hospitals, such as MRI scanners, to the small gadgets and tools that enable people to continue living in their own home environments for longer, such as a wireless alarm system. Between these two extremes lie countless applications such as pacemakers, monitors of all sorts of biological signals, diagnostic equipment and resources used in the curative process. The development of these applications is the subject of the Care and Cure program. This is a highly dynamic field which integrates knowledge in the fields of electrical engineering, mathematics, computer science, physics, and biology. Read more


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  • Visiting address

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  • Postal address

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