Martijn Wijffelaars, alumnus in Computer Science and Engineering

'I am currently working as a product manager at MagnaView. This company is a spin-off of the TU/e research group in the field of visualization. I also completed my studies in that subject.

MagnaView is located on the campus in the Multimedia pavilion. I am responsible for the management information product for use in education. We supply graphic analyses that schools can use to visualize large quantities of data in a meaningful way, such as absence figures.

The work is highly varied. One day I am involved in improving the software product, while on another day I go out and about selling the product to customers. I make contributions to marketing, price-setting and in relation to strategic decisions. During your degree program, you primarily carry out assignments in order to achieve a particular grade, but once you graduate, you are doing the work in order to actually help people. What I produce is used by others and that is what makes it incredibly interesting.'