You've graduated. What next?

After completing your Master's degree in Embedded Systems, you will possess a combination of a scientific perspective with the practically-orientated approach of an engineer. This will provide you with an excellent foundation for a successful career. The numerous fields of application of embedded systems provide you with a broad range of jobs.

You could be working:

  • in the embedded systems industry
  • in research laboratories
  • in universities
  • in the software industry
  • in outplacement companies
  • in the government sector
  • in the education sector

There is a need for engineers with expertise in this field. Most begin as a member of a team, but quickly develop into a team leader and management roles. Starting your own business is another possible option.

Continuing study
You will also have various options for continuing your studies after completing your Master's degree:

Part-time programs
At the Tias Business School you can follow all manner of part-time programs that support you in your professional development. This institution is a collaborative venture between TU/e and Tilburg University.