Human-Technology Interaction

Interaction between people and technology

Welcome to the homepage of the Master's Program Human-Technology Interaction: a multidisciplinary Master Program that applies knowledge from social sciences to problems related to the introduction of new technologies.

University Guide to Master's 2017: HTI the best!

In the Guide to choosing a master’s program 2017 the master's program Human-Technology Interaction was evaluated the best in its field.

Eindhoven University of Technology was also the best ranked Dutch University in the Global Employability Survey.

Technological development offers new possibilities to make people's daily lives more healthy, safe, understandable, independent, fun and comfortable. New technologies provide us, for instance, with energy-friendly and sustainable solutions to improve the environment in which we live as well as tools for elderly people to live longer on their own. Furthermore, new technologies provide us with new means of communication and new ways of entertainment. Examples are smart phones, ambient intelligence and smart homes, online shopping and communities, 3D television and renewable energy technologies like hydrogen technology and biomass.

For these technologies to be really successful, people will need to be able to use them properly as well as trust, accept and adopt them. As a Human-Technology Interaction engineer you are typically concerned with topics that require a profound understanding of both the human and technological aspects. You will learn about usability, ergonomics, perception, cognition, decision making, social psychology, consumer behavior and environmental psychology. Simultaneously, as a Human-Technology Interaction engineer, you will need a thorough understanding of technology. Therefore, a substantial part of the Master’s Program will consist of engineering courses in the area of your interest.

Do you want to broaden your view on technology and are you interested in technology from a user’s perspective? Then this Master Program is a good choice for you!

With a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Innovation Sciences’ or ‘Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences for Healthcare’, you can apply directly for the Master Program. If you followed another Bachelor's program and you want to find out whether you can apply for the Master Program, then click on admission in the main menu.

NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).