My knowledge of both technology and psychology is a big asset in my work

Martijn Roosen, alumnus

I work in an international environment.

I was interested in more than just technology. That’s why I decided to do the Master’s program in Human-Technology Interaction. While I was studying I learned to think critically and to work together with others. Those skills are very useful in my present work.

I’m currently Test Lead Engineer Cabs / Cab Testing Coordinator at DAF Trucks N.V., and I’m responsible for all testing in and on truck cabs. That means I have to plan, coordinate and assess the work of a group of four test engineers. We look at whether a system meets the specifications and if the vehicle meets the users’ expectations in areas like ergonomics, cab climate control and user interfaces. My knowledge of both technology and psychology is a big asset in my work. I also carry out tests myself, and I’m the contact person within the product development organization.

I work in an international environment, and reporting and presentations are often in English. My job is tremendously varied and challenging. It’s also great to see DAF trucks on the road, knowing that I’ve contributed to developing the components.

In the near future I’d like to get more experience in coaching and managing people, while in the longer term I could see myself working as a departmental manager.