Students with a Dutch degree (hbo or wo)

You have direct access to the TU/e-master’s program Industrial Design after completing the TU/e bachelor's program Industrial Design. This also goes for a bachelor's degree Industrial Design of Delft University of Technology or Industrial Design or Creative Technology of University of Twente. In these cases you can apply directly via Studielink

Do you have a relevant, Dutch bachelor's degree that doesn’t grant direct admission to the Industrial Design master? In that case: first apply for a pre-master's program via Studielink. Under ‘bachelor programs', you will find the pre-master's program that corresponds to the Industrial Design master. After your application in Studielink, you can send in a request for admission to the Departmental Admissions Board (FTC). There are four possible outcomes: 

  • direct admission to the master’s program*,
  • admission to the master’s program in which you will take one, two or three bachelor courses to work on  your ‘deficiencies’*,
  • admission to the pre-master,
  • no admission.

* These options are only available for students with an academic bachelor’s degree. With a vocational bachelor’s degree (hbo) you cannot enter a TU/e master directly. You will first need to complete the pre-master’s program. For hbo-students, Industrial Design offers three ‘standard’ pre-master’s programs, depending on whether you have a background in design, engineering or social sciences. 

Students with a foreign degree

Do you have a foreign bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and want to enroll in the master’s program of Industrial Design? In that case TU/e's International Office first assesses your admission. Therefore we refer you to the general pages about bachelor from a university outside the Netherlands.

After filling out the online application form, you send your portfolio straight to the Departmental Admissions Board of Industrial Design (FTC). They will assess your portfolio, expertise and experience and they will eventually decide on your admission. Again, there are four possible outcomes:

  • direct admission to the master’s program,
  • admission to the master’s program in which you will take one, two or three bachelor courses to work on your ‘deficiencies’,
  • admission to the pre-master (possible only for students from EU-countries plus Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland),
  • no admission.