Excellence program / Dual Degree program

The Master's program Innovation Management offers a special track to accomodate the excellence programs and dual-degree program for excellent students.

Excellence Programs Innovation Management
The MSc Excellence Programs are an addition to the Master's program (20 ECTS extra). The MSc Excellence Programs contain two tracks, the MSc Excellence Track in Design and the MSc Excellence Track in Research. The first gives you a high chance, although no guarantee, of being admitted to the PDEng Logistics Management Systems (LMS) program. The second is the best preparation for a PhD trajectory.

The MSc Excellence Track in Research
The MSc Excellence Track in Research entails the following elements:

·       Two mini-research projects to explore two different research fields, in the first year (5 ECTS per project)

·       PhD courses, in the second year (10 ECTS in total) of the master, as part of the electives. The students can select PhD courses that are offered to the regular PhD students.

·       Master thesis project:

o   Is preceded by the writing of a PhD research proposal (instead of literature study and formulation thesis assignment) of 15 ECTS

o   Proposal can be used to compete for grants (at e.g. NWO)

o   Master thesis is first part of the PhD research proposal

·       Additional PhD courses can be followed in 2nd year of master, as part of the electives

The MSc Excellence Track in Design
The MSc Excellence Track in Design consists of 30 ECTS of core courses of the Industrial Engineering program, or design assignments, in which knowledge from master courses is used for solving real-life problems in industry. Design assignments include company visits, company presentations and grading based on value for company, innovativeness.

On this website you will find a description of the PDEng Program and courses.

Admission to the Excellence Programs
From the second semester of the Master's program, the MSc Excellence Programs will start. The Admission Board (the PDEng/PhD mentor and the Director Industrial Engineering/Graduate School) assesses the applications for the MSc Excellence programs. To apply for the excellence program you have to make a Letter of motivation, give a Curriculum Vitae and you will be interviewed. For the MSc Excellence Track in Research it is possible that you have to write a research proposal.

Dual-Degree program
Excellent students are offered to combine two Master's programs. The educational program is suggested by yourself, has to satisfy the minimum demands of two Master programs, contain a minimum of 165 ECTS and a maximum of 180 ECTS, and a thesis of 45 ECTS that features a topic on intersection of the two Master programs. Finally, two mentors, one from every Master program in the dual degree, will be involved.

The minimum demands for the Innovation Management program are as follows:

Minimum requirements IM

6 core courses                         30 ECTS

4 track elective courses          20 ECTS

1 track design science project 5 ECTS

                                                     55 ECTS

Thesis                                         45 ECTS

                                                   100 ECTS


Available for courses from other master program:

            180 – 100 = max. 80 ECTS