Pre-Master's program

Eindhoven University of Technology, and you have not completed the elective package “Innovation Management for non-Industrial Engineers” during your bachelor, you will have to enroll in the pre-master program for Innovation Management. This 30 ECTS program is scheduled to run from September to February.

 Your request for enrollment in the pre-master program will be evaluated by the admission board. They will decide on possible exemptions from this program based on your previous educational achievements.

The pre-master program contains the following courses:

1JV00              Work & Organizational Psychology (Q1)

1ZEUA0          New Product Marketing (Q1)

1BK40             Business Analytics & Decision Support (Q1)

2DL20             Statistics (Q2)

1ZV00             Research Methods (Q2)

1JZK40           Designing Business Processes (Q2)


For more information about the content of the courses you can go to the Education guide of Innovation Management.