Admission with another WO bachelor

Students with the following Dutch WO Bachelor’s degrees are directly admitted to the Innovation Sciences Master's program:

  • Science programme, UM
  • Technische bestuurskunde, TuDelft
  • Business and IT, Twente
  • Technische Bedrijfskunde Twente
  • Natuurwetenschap en Innovatiemanagement UU
  • Science Business and Innovation VU

Students with another Dutch WO Bachelor’s degree of a university of technology are admitted; you will need to follow some (partly undergraduate) courses as electives within the master’s program:

  • Research Methods (0HPH10)
  • Economics of Innovation Advanced (0SV100)
  • Sustainable Technology in Society Advanced (0SV80)

Your master program includes at least two engineering courses (see under curriculum/engineering courses); please check yourself whether you have sufficient background for those courses. If you want more information about admission, please send an email to

If you are a student from abroad with a relevant Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, an interest in innovation studies, and a sufficient mastery of English, then please contact our department for more information about the application procedure.