Admission with another WO bachelor

Several Bachelor programs give direct admission to the Bachelor Innovation Sciences (also consult the doorstroommatrix for an overview):
• Science programme, UM
• Technische bestuurskunde, TuDelft
• Business and IT, Twente
• Technische Bedrijfskunde Twente
• Natuurwetenschap en Innovatiemanagement UU
• Science Business and Innovation VU

Students from other Bachelor programmes universities with sufficient background in the sciences may be admitted to the Innovation Sciences Master's program but will need to follow (a selection of) undergraduate courses as electives within the master’s program:
• Behavioral Research Methods II (5 ECTS)
• Economics of Innovation (5 ECTS)
• Economics of Innovation Advanced (5 ECTS)

Your master program includes at least two engineering courses (see under curriculum/engineering courses); please check yourself whether you have sufficient background for those courses. If you want more information about admission, please send an email to

If you are a student from abroad with a relevant Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an interest in innovation studies, and a sufficient mastery of English, then please contact our department for more information about the application procedure.