Core program

The general setup of the core program is illustrated in the picture below:

The fundament of the program is the course Manufacturing Technology on the principles of manufacturing technology and the roof is the course Integrated System design. These two courses are obligatory. The four pillars are control and design of machines, factories, maintenance and supply chains and each consist of two courses. In each pillar, one course should be selected:

  • Machine design and control:
    • Control Engineering
    • Supervisory Control
    • Micro Fabrication
  • Factory design and control:
    • Modelling and Control of Manufacturing Networks
    • Modeling and analysis of manufacturing systems 
  •  Maintenance design and control
    • Advanced Maintenance and Service Logistics
    • Structural Integrity and Reliability
  • Supply network design and control
    • Multi-Echelon Inventory Management
    • Design of Operations Planning and Control Systems

The course Control Engineering is obligatory if you are in the Mechanical Engineering stream.