Graduated and then?

Almost all graduates quickly find the job they're looking for in business and industry, as a designer, an engineer or a project leader. Some of them start up their own company. For others, the research in the department proofs to be so interesting that they decide to carry out their own doctoral research. But, of course, your career choice is not limited to the track that you opted for during your Master's program. The program is designed to ensure that you will also be able to specialize in other areas, and to enable you to continue your development on a broad basis.

A PhD program

After graduating from the Master's Program Mechanical Engineering you can opt for a PhD program whereby you will be working for the department and have an important position: to uphold the reputation and continuity of the research of department. A PhD program lasts for four years, after which you will gain your doctorate title (Dr.).

A Designer's program

After gaining your Master's degree in a technological field and a stringent selection process, you can take a designer's program. The program leads to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree.

During your program you will increase your technological knowledge, but you also learn how to apply it in practice. The designer's programs consist of two parts. You first follow a year of advanced education to prepare you for a major design project lasting from eight to twelve months. Under the supervision of experienced professionals, you will take part in a large-scale, multidisciplinary project in a leading company.

First job
Some ex-students (alumni) tell their stories on their first jobs: