Specialization and free space

Specialization courses

Within the curriculum 10 EC* are intended for specialization courses, which:

  • Show you the area of research of a research group of the department of Biomedical Engineering;
  • Gives you an idea of the state-of-the-art of that area of research;
  • Prepares you for doing a project during your externship or graduation thesis within the group.

*5 EC (out of 10 EC) should be taken at Utrecht University.

Free space

15 ECTS are devoted to an individual program of elective courses. These are advanced courses at the Master’s or PhD level in the field of Regenerative Medicine and Technology. You may fill these credits by selecting courses from any relevant Master's programs at either TU/e or Utrecht University but most will be in the Biomedical Engineering or Biomedical Sciences departments.

A list with electives (specialization courses and suggestions for the free space) can be found on this page of the educational guide.