Graduation project

Most of the second year of the Master's Program Systems & Control consists of the graduation project (45 credits). Students are stimulated to do experimental work, but a theoretical project is also a possibility. It is indispensable for a control engineer to experience a research project, because it enables them to validate the theoretical work. The graduation project is primarily meant to gain experience in modeling, analysis, and/or design of a new control system or to explore new research questions. You will learn the drawbacks and pitfalls of exploring unknown territories and will understand that abstraction and simplification are their main tools for success.

The graduation work consists of a master project, a report, an abstract of the report and a presentation. You can opt to carry out research within one of the Systems and Control research groups at the TU/e or in a company or research institute.  In this context there are numerous contacts with Dutch industry and knowledge institutes such as with ASML, Océ, Philips, Shell and TNO (Netherlands organization for Applied Scientific Research).


In some cases the work for the MSc thesis can be used for a publication in a refereed journal or conference. This is strongly encouraged and supported, since the learning process that accompanies the writing of an article or paper forms a useful contribution to your scientific study. Experience of this kind is valuable in any future job in science or engineering.