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Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering

The mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to acquire, share and transfer knowledge and understanding in the whole field of Electrical Engineering through education, research and valorization. The department aims to be a research-driven and design-oriented world-class institute by having education, research and valorization reinforce each other. Activities share an application-oriented character, a high degree of complexity and a large synergy between multiple facets of the field.

The mission of our Electrical Engineering department is captured in the three mission phrases we formulated 15 years ago. We work towards:

  • a ‘Smart Sustainable Society’, 
  • a ‘Connected World’, and
  • a healthy humanity (‘Care & Cure’).

These goals are strongly connected to the much more elaborate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The department positions itself as a strong partner for interdisciplinary applied research and design within the Brainport region around Eindhoven, and as a globally oriented organization for Electrical Engineering research and education in its full breadth.


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The Department of Electrical Engineering is a research-driven department. The connection between research and education is seen as a pivotal element in the delivery of a high-quality educational program. There is thus a strong link between the research disciplines of the department and its educational programs.

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