• Submit a complete application to the TU/e Master's program of your choice. 
  • Only complete applications, including the online application and all application documents, that arrive before February 1 will be eligible to enter the selection procedure for the ALSP and Holland Scholarships (HS). 
  • If you are admitted to a TU/e Master's program AND you have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 80% or higher from an internationally renowned university, you will enter the selection procedure for the ALSP and HS scholarships.
  • You cannot apply directly to the ALSP or HS scholarships. You must first apply for a TU/e Master's program (see below).

The selection process

  • Your application to a TU/e Master's program is also your application for an ALSP and HS scholarship, unless you specify in your online application that you do not wish to be considered for a scholarship. 
  • Each TU/e Department nominates excellent students to the TU/e scholarship selection committee.
  • The applications with the highest grades from the most reputable universities are selected by the TU/e scholarship selection committee to complete an online questionnaire focusing on personality and social skills.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on the quality of the previous education and the student's academic performance therein.
  • A one-time scholarship offer will then be made to successful candidates. The offer is non-negotiable.