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Women in Science - Eindhoven (WISE) Network

WISE network is a network for female scientific staff at TU/e. Supported by the University Board, the network was founded in March 2007. Apply for membership


About us

WISE network is a network for female scientific staff at TU/e. Supported by the University Board, the network was founded in March 2007. WISE-Network pursues the following objectives:

  • facilitating networking among female researchers at TU/e;
  • organizing activities, e.g. for professional and personal development;
  • increasing the awareness of opportunities for female scientists;
  • advising the Executive Board of the University and other relevant committees on request and on the initiative of the network;
  • fostering contacts with other organizations promoting women in science; · being a role model for (prospective) female students.

All women PDEng/PhDs and scientific staff at TU/e are welcome to join the WISE network. Membership in the network is free, and members have no obligations. We think all members of the TU/e community can play a role in supporting gender equality, and we welcome both male and female TU/e PDEng/PhDs and scientific staff at our Annual Event (a lecture and BBQ).

WISE organizes 4-6 events each year. The various activities organized by the network create opportunities for female trainee research assistants, post-docs, Assistant Professors and Associate Professors from different departments to meet. Activities that are organized throughout the year can be categorized according to the purpose of the activity. These purposes include networking, learning and (personal) development.

If you have ideas for new WISE activities, you can always mail them to:

Events (for more information or pictures, click on the event)

Career advancement opportunities


WISE-Network Childcare Grant 2019

Because of tax reasons this possibility is temporarily on hold.

As part of its mission to support the professional development of female scientific staff at TU/e, WISE-Network offers the WISE-Network Childcare Grant program. Small grants of up to 500€ are available to assist female conference attendees who are bringing their small children (up to 5 years old) with them or who incur extra expenses in leaving them at home (i.e., extra daycare or babysitting services). The WISE-Network may provide up to five grants per year, depending on the available funds.



Click here for our portfolio. The update for 2019 will follow as soon as possible.


This portfolio organizes activities throughout the year.


The aim of this portfolio is to increase the visibility of the WISE-network inside and outside the TU/e.


Advice informs and advises the Executive Board and Service for Personnel and Organization.

The current WISE Board