Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center

Improving value based healthcare by creating and expanding an ecosystem that enables a fast track to high-tech health innovations


Bringing technical innovations all the way from early research to implementation and commercialization can often take a long time. The goal of the Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC) is to create and expand an ecosystem that strongly increases the speed of high-tech health innovation, maximizing value for patients. We consider such an ecosystem to be an unmet need and a unique opportunity for the Brainport region to make significant contributions to visionary new developments in healthcare. e/MTIC is a large-scale research collaboration between Catharina Hospital, Maxima Medical Center, Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy and Sleep Center, TU/e and Royal Philips Eindhoven in the domains cardiovascular medicine, perinatal medicine and sleep medicine.

Our Research Areas

e/MTIC aims to strengthen the institutionalized collaboration between regional partners focusing on research and innovation in pre-defined clinical domains. Initially these are the domains in which we already excel internationally, i.e. perinatal and cardiovascular health along with sleep medicine



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e/MTIC White paper 2022

In this extensive document we present the practical e/MTIC implementation and experience along 6 projects, Not only creating valuable MedTech innovation but also contributing to and exploiting common knowledge and breeding a new generation of scientist and clinical professionals that will cope with healthcare challenges of the future. 

e/MTIC research

Designing Perinatal Life Support technologies through simulation

Heart Failure Classification Trial & Transitional Care Trial

PICASSO- Maternity Dashboard

video monitoring for early signaling of adverse events

PERSTIM project

UMOSA: Laser-based illumination unit for rPPG

Prolonged In-Home Sleep Monitoring (PRISM)

Digital Twin to Predict Ventricular Tachycardias

Design of a Clinical Data Management Workflow

Video monitoring for early signaling of adverse events

Biomarker monitoring by wearable patch

Multi-perspective functional echocardiography

Cancer localization by ultrasound microvasculature imaging

Monitoring the Narcolepsy spectrum

Prediction of life-threatening arrythmias

Risk stratification and screening in early pregnancy

Pre-operative assessment of aortic stenosis

Smart subjective sleep monitoring in family context

Magnetic micromixing for point of care diagnostic

Ambulatory Monitoring for improved pregnancy outcome

Camera-based Respiration Monitoring

Development of a digital twin of the artificial womb

Camera-based vital signs monitoring during sleep

Alarm-Limiting AlgoRithm-based Monitoring




Nutrition monitoring with sensors in the home environment

Joint modeling with high-frequent repeated measurements

Quality of real-time fMRI: novel software, sequences, and signals

Interactive exploration of logistic regression models

Cardiac monitoring from clinical setting to daily life

Dynamic checklists: design, implementation and evaluation

Analysis of care pathways via coordinate systems

From Bench to Bedside

Accelerating digital innovation by co-creating in 6 months innovation cycles in the e/MTIC ecosystem


e/MTIC - Large-scale research collaboration

Catharina Hospital – new technique treatment atrial fibrillation

New MRI scanner for in-depth epilepsy research

Diagnosing sleep apnea - faster, easier, costs-efficient

Narcolepsy Monitor - a joint e/MTIC development

The doctor and computer form together a powerful combination

e/MTIC has a huge support among professionals

A practical e/MTIC case – TRICA Study

e/MTIC Health Data Platform – Vision document

MEDICAID an e/MTIC miniprogram

Smart camera to warn in case of acute heart problem

Heart Foundation interviews professor and cardiologist Lukas Dekker

Bridging the gap between doctors and technology


Fast track to clinical innovation: the essentials

From the e/MTIC Founding fathers - think big, start small and act fast - is the way to go! So many wonderful MedTech connections we made during the e/MTIC Conference: Fast track to clinical innovation: the essentials. With >400 participants we kicked off with the opening speech by Marcel Levi and during the closing session, the inspirational speaker Bas Bloem left all visitors with lots of new insights. Outstanding accomplishments and awards for the booths, PhD posters and of course the PhD pitchers. The expert panel tackled "How to fast-track clinical innovation". And so much more happened!

About Us

Read more about our vision & mission, the organization and governance, and the anticipated impact of this ecosystem.


Task Force Teams

Dedicated joint Task forces proactively support the e/MTIC collaboration in areas of common interest across Daily Managemnet Teams such as clinical data acquisition and sharing, communication, education, clinical regulatory matters and acquisition of external funding.

The central thread of my career lies in high-tech innovation in healthcare and that is also my passion. My experience in industry is largely complementary to the knowledge TU/e already has.  I believe that it is exactly this combination that is really powerful and will help me to extend and strengthen health research, innovation and education. 

Carmen van Vilsteren, director e/MTIC

Meet some of our Researchers

Assistant Professor

Hailong Jiao

Full Professor

Ward Cottaar

Full Professor

Lukas Dekker

Assistant Professor

Collin Drent

External Collaboration Coordinator

Paul Merkus

Doctoral Candidate

Zheng Peng

Full Professor

Nico Pijls

Full Professor emeritus

Loe Feijs


Catarina Dinis Fernandes

Associate Professor

Richard Lopata

Assistant Professor

Judith van Laar

Associate Professor

Hareld Kemps

Assistant Professor

Hans-Martin Schwab

Full Professor

Carola van Pul

Full Professor

Massimo Mischi

Assistant Professor

Rob Mestrom

Full Professor

Albert Aldenkamp


Myrthe van der Ven

Full Professor

Paul Boon

Full Professor

Hessel Wijkstra

Full Professor

Volkher Scharnhorst

Full Professor

Jan Bergmans

Full Professor

Erik Korsten


Edwin van den Heuvel

Full Professor

Frans van de Vosse

Doctoral Candidate

Robin Martens

Doctoral Candidate

Floor Fasen

University Researcher

Andreas Pollet

Education and Research Technician (Design and Development)

Rainier van Dommele

Doctoral Candidate

Hein de Hoop

Assistant Professor

Merel van Gilst

Assistant Professor

Peter Bovendeerd

Doctoral Candidate

Larissa Jansen

Associate Professor

Ruud van Sloun

Full Professor

Natal van Riel

University Researcher

Peter Andriessen

Doctoral Candidate

Eveline Mestrom

Associate Professor

Sveta Zinger

Doctoral Candidate

Esther Maas

Doctoral Candidate

Emma Moonen

Full Professor

Guid Oei

Full Professor

Peter de With

Doctoral Candidate

Esmée de Boer

Doctoral Candidate

Peipei Chen

Doctoral Candidate

Iris Huijben


Eriola Shanko

University Researcher

Beatrijs van der Hout

Doctoral Candidate

Tom Bakkes

Associate Professor

Pierre Cluitmans

Full Professor

Keita Ito

Full Professor

Ronald Aarts

University Researcher

Heleen Rutjes

University Lecturer

Marc van Sambeek

Associate Professor

Xi Long

Managing Director of Research Institute

Carmen van Vilsteren

Associate Professor

Rik Vullings

Assistant Professor

Chao Zhang

Our partners

The Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Centre is a large-scale research collaboration in the Eindhoven region between The Catharina Hospital, the Maxima Medical Center, Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy and Sleep Center, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Royal Philips Eindhoven.