Doing your PDEng program at TU/e

What is the added value of a PDEng program?

By offering these PDEng programs, TU/e is responding to the needs of the high-tech industry in the Netherlands. They need experienced designers, who are able to design complex new products and processes. Technological designers who can think up innovative solutions.

With a Master's degree you will have a sound base of theoretical knowledge, but you still lack extensive practical experience. During your PDEng program you will gain this practical experience in particular, which means you will be in great demand by potential employers.

What do the two years consist of?

The PDEng programs consist of two parts. You first follow a year of advanced education to prepare you for a major design project lasting from eight to twelve months. Under the supervision of experienced professionals, you will take part in a large-scale, multidisciplinary project in a leading company. In recent years, PDEng graduates from TU/e have found challenging careers at (inter-)national organizations such as Philips, ASML, TNO, Shell, Ericsson and Akzo Nobel.