640 Gbit/s Ethernet Switch


Electro-Optical Communications (ECO) Group, Dr. Oded Raz, Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Development and realization of a data center Ethernet switch with a bandwidth of 640 Gbit/s based on a Trident 1 ASIC (28nm flip-chip BGA with 2400 pins).

The switch has 64 10 Gbit/s ethernet channels. Connectivity is provided using 6 CXP module cages, with a bandwidth of 120 Gbit/s each.

On-board power to the ASIC is provided by a synchronous 6-phase 1.0V/120A supply. External power supply is a standard ATX PC power supply.

The switch is software controlled by a commercial QSeven CPU board (e.g. ARM, PowerPC or x86) which is connected through PCI Express to the ASIC. External control and monitoring connections are provided through USB, Ethernet (RJ45) and RS232 serial ports.

 The 12 layer PCB is manufactured using low-loss substrate material (FR408) to minimize signal-integrity impact on the 10 Gb/s channels.