European Baccalaureate

TU/e Bachelor's programs marked with * will be available in the English language from September 2017 onwards. 

You are eligible for admission to the Bachelor's programs if you hold a European Baccalaureate (EB) diploma with the following subjects:


English taught programs

Required EB subjects

Bachelor's programs

English (1 or 2) + Mathematics (5 periods/weeks)


Applied Mathematics*

Applied Physics*

Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences


Computer Science and Engineering

Data Science

Electrical Engineering

Industrial Design

Psychology and Technology

Sustainable Innovation




English (1 or 2) + Mathematics (5 periods/weeks)

+ Physics

+ Chemistry

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry*

Dutch taught programs

EB subjects

Bachelor's programs

Dutch + Mathematics  (5 periods/weeks)+


Biomedical Engineering

Medical Sciences and Technology

Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Mechanical Engineering