What is FruitPunch AI working on?

FruitPunch AI is building a community around the application of artificial intelligence by organizing an AI competition between universities and hosting masterclasses, hackathons and showcase events. Their AI competition is in full swing and several teams are programming an agent for StarCraft II in the footsteps of Google Deepmind.

On May 24th, they organize a masterclass with Romeo Kienzler, chief data scientist of IBM, about deep learning optimization.

The 15th of June is the next big event: AI Connect, with over 300 researchers, students and professionals attending, it is the biggest AI event in the province of Noord Brabant. Keynote speaker will be Jurriaan van Diggelen, senior research scientist from TNO, talking about hybrid intelligence; AI collaborating with humans in organisations. You can grab your free ticket at www.fruitpunch.ai/connect, and if you’d be interested in presenting your current research, make sure to email them at connect@fruitpunch.ai.

Do you want to join the FruitPunch team and lead the charge of AI in Eindhoven? They are recruiting! You can send an email to join@fruitpunch.ai.

Learn more about FruitPunch AI by visiting their website: www.fruitpunch.ai