Data Science PhD defenses

In the past two months, 9 persons defended their Data Science PhD thesis. In the upcoming weeks another 9 Data Science PhD defenses will follow:

14 March - Bas van Zelst (M&CS)
Process mining with streaming data

26 March - Minou Weijs - Perrée (BE)
The users' value of business center concepts for knowledge sharing and networking behavior within and between organizations

2 April - Thomas Krijnen (BE)
Efficient storage and retrieval of detailed building models: multi-disciplinary and long-term use of geometric and semantic construction information

2 April - Tong Wang (BE)
A sustainable industrial site redevelopment planning support system

16 April - Aimi Ghazali (ID)
Designing social cues for effective persuasive robots

30 April - Lida Aminian (BE)
Modelling and measuring quality of urban life : housing, neighborhood, transport and job

8 May - Mark Thielen (ID)
Designing the newborn life support manikin

14 May - Guangming Li (M&CS)
Process mining based on object-centric behavioral constraint (OCBC) models

14 May - Bram Westerweel (IE&IS)
Design and control of capital goods service supply chains with additive manufacturing

27 May - Mickeal Verschoor (M&CS)
Simulation and animation of deformable solids

27 May - Marta Regis (M&CS)
Heterogeneity in subject-specific statistical models for the analysis of longitudinal data

4 June - Saskia Camps (EE)
Automation of ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation for dose guidance in prostate cancer radiotherapy workflows 

4 June - Christel de Bakker (BE)
Occupancy-based lighting control: developing an energy saving strategy that ensures office workers' comfort 

6 June - Sanae Chraibi (BE)
Lighting in multi-user office environments: improving employee well-being

12 June - Thijs van de Laar (EE)
Automated design of Bayesian Signal processing algorithms

19 June - Alok Dixit (M&CS)
Interactive process mining

21 June - Nienke Kuijsters (EE)
Catching waves: towards gynaecological application of uterine contraction measurements

24 June - Ramon Eliëns (IE&IS)
Commitment and decision making in product innovation

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