Japanese adventure for Remco Tuinier

18 March 2018

Professor Remco Tuinier temporarily exchanges the Netherlands for the land of the rising sun. At the invitation of dr. Takashi Taniguchi of Kyoto University, Tuinier has received a JSPS Invitational Fellowship, with which he travels more than three weeks in Japan to meet Japanese fellow researchers in the physical chemistry field.

He will work with his Japanese colleague to gain more insight into mixtures of nanoparticles and polymers in solution. In applications such as paint or food the mixing of polymers and nanoparticles often causes stability problems. Tuinier and Taniguchi look theoretically for possibilities to change the particles so that they are miscible to high concentrations.

The JSPS program is a cooperation between NWO and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). It is designed to enable Japanese researchers to invite their overseas colleagues to Japan to participate in cooperative work and other academic activities.