2020 cap for free of charge publishing in Springer journals reached

Since 2015, corresponding authors affiliated to TU/e can publish Open Access in many Springer journals without costs. The number of articles that can be published for free per year is capped. For this year the maximum number has been reached in the beginning of November.

If your manuscript gets accepted between now and 1st January 2021, Springer will still offer to publish your article Open Access, but the costs are no longer covered by the VSNU agreement. You will then receive an invoice (ranging from 1,790-3,580 Euros, depending on the journal).

Still make your publication Open Access in 2020?
Maybe you still want to make your publication available to the public without charge. Or maybe your funder is requesting you to do so. We’ve listed the different options on our website. Alternatively, you can wait with publishing your paper until January 1, 2021. Then, a new cap applies. To do this, do not finalize the acceptance workflow until the new year.

If you have any questions, please contact openaccess@tue.nl.